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"Effective Leadership"

Leadership is the ability to mobilize the different talents in a group or organization to achieve great but concrete results.


Good leadership presupposes good management to some extent, but does not coincide with it. A manager aims for control; a leader, on the other hand, pushes for change. He takes a group, a company, sometimes an entire society in tow.

Leadership in its application is a team affair but its core lies deep within the individual.


Leadership is essentially based on personal courage. The courage it takes to pursue a dream and act with integrity. To develop a vision strong enough to make a company's stakeholders look in the same direction. 

Strong leaders motivate their team to achieve the impossible. They share their energy and enthusiasm with the group to achieve more than the group members could achieve alone.


Good leaders think outside the box and challenge the status quo. It is essential that leaders not only focus on their own creativity - they also support and nurture the creativity of their team members.


The best leaders challenge the status quo to drive positive change in their organization.

Executive Coaching


Executive coaching is the process for guiding and supporting the development process of top managers, directors, entrepreneurs and their teams.

The coaching focuses on stimulating the responsibility of the cochee for his or her professional and personal development.

It can be lonely at the top. It can then be incredibly gratifying to be able to turn to someone who can listen without interest or judgment. Someone who is outside the organization and who can offer a different perspective with a fresh look.

YourCore Mind Coaching supports you in making difficult decisions; when drawing up your vision and strategy; in dealing with crises.

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